When you think of childbirth classes, I think that it’s safe to assume that most (non-parent) people picture the cheesy, outdated 70s videos that they watched in their high school heath class.

You know, all of the soon to be parents are sitting in a circle on the floor of a hospital classroom with their pillows while the instructor leads them in a round of “He he hoo” breathing exercises?

While Lamaze classes were helpful in their time, it’s a new generation! And with that new generation, comes new techniques and new “methods” of childbirth, to the point where it can be downright overwhelming… What do you choose? Hospital birth classes, the Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within… is there one right way to give birth? Absolutely NOT! And there is no magical class that will work for every parent.

So what do you do? Know your options! The hospital isn’t the only place to take a birth class, look around for a class that fits the experience you would like to have. Epidural in the hospital? Water birth at home with a midwife? Unmedicated birth in the hospital? Birth center birth? Planned cesarean?

The most important thing is that you choose a class that will cover all of your options, whether you are giving birth in a hospital, home, or birth center. Even if you are planning on a calm, unmedicated birth at home, you should learn coping skills that can be used anywhere, and know what to expect in case of a transfer to the hospital. Or if you are planning an epidural, but things happen so quickly that there isn’t time and you need to manage the pain of your contractions, you can be prepared. Cover all of your bases and be ready for anything to happen so that you can minimize trauma and have a better birth experience.

Birch Family Birth Services offers childbirth classes that will allow you to be informed and prepared for whatever may come your way. Our goal is that you are a part of every decision made in your birth, because you deserve a better beginning!

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