We can all agree that pregnancy is quite demanding, right? We give up our comfort, a few of our favorite foods or drinks, our body, and maybe even some of our memory (I’m looking at you, pregnancy brain)! If we sacrifice so much to bring a new life into this world, shouldn’t we be well supported while doing it?

Women are not meant to go through this on their own, rather they are meant to help one another through information sharing, support, & physical assistance. Because of this, a birth doula, or trained labor support, is an absolute must-have when it comes time to give birth. That’s right, even when you are working with a doctor!

Your doctor or nurse are essential parts of your birth team. They are focused on ensuring the health of you and your baby, that’s pretty important! But did you know that they might not be with you the entire time? Doctors & nurses often have multiple patients at the same time, checking in with you from time to time as they are able. You deserve someone focused solely on YOU and your partner. Your comfort, your mindset, and your needs. Doulas offer continuous labor support to ensure that you are well supported at all times.

Thirsty or Hungry? A doula can help with that!
Have questions about the stages of labor? A doula can answer those!
Not sure what positions will be most comfortable? A doula can suggest some for you!
Your partner needs to eat or rest during a long labor? Don’t worry, a doula will stay with you!
Just need a good back rub or counter-pressure? A doula has you covered!

Sounds pretty great, right?

One of the most important things a doula does, though, is support your birth choices without judgement. Whether you plan a cesarean, an epidural, want to birth completely unmedicated, or things don’t go as planned, a doula will ensure that you are aware of all of the options and that you felt empowered to make all of your own decisions. She wants you to be completely satisfied with your birth experience, no matter how it ends up playing out.

Ready to hire your doula? We’ll help you find the perfect match.

Our birth doulas work in hospitals, homes, & birth centers throughout Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley, and surrounding areas.

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