When you imagine giving birth, the first thing that your mind will most likely focus on is your brand new baby. You imagine what they will look like, or what color eyes or hair they might have… but can you picture who might be in the room with you?

Many couples worry that adding a doula to their birth team might detract from the intimacy of the event, but in fact, it’s exactly the opposite!

Here are just a few of the ways that a doula can support both you and your partner during this time:

Prenatal Meetings:

A doula will discuss ways that your partner can support you in early labor, before you feel the need for her to attend
They will answer any questions you have about the labor process and help to alleviate any concerns, especially if it is the first labor experience for both of you

During the Birth:

Your doula will provide unwavering informational, emotional, and physical support. If a partner desires to be actively involved in the labor, your doula will suggest different birth affirmations, comfort measures or positions for the couple to use throughout labor
For partners that prefer to support their partner solely in the emotional sense, a doula can provide hands on support including counter pressure, massage, and relaxation techniques
Your doula will be there to perform small tasks such as fetching wet washcloths, refilling drinks, warming up rice socks, running to the nurses station, or going out to get dinner or coffee for your partner (yes, we’ve happily done this!)
They will be present to provide your partner with breaks, whether it be to eat a meal, use the restroom, or take a nap (during long labors) so that you are never left alone
If they offer photography services, they can be there to take photos (like the one above) of special moments between you and your partner, the birth, cord cutting, and those first shots of your new family
If you ever need a moment alone with your partner, no matter the reason, you can always feel comfortable asking your doula to step out for a bit. Trust me, you won’t hurt their feelings!

After the Birth:

Your doula will be there to help you settle in as a new family through breastfeeding support, pictures, and facilitating communication between you and your care provider(s), Once you feel comfortable, they will leave you together for some bonding time to get to know your newest family member.

A doula does not take over the role of your partner, rather, they work together with your partner to complete your support team. They will remain an unwavering, unbiased support to help you both feel empowered & well prepared for labor, birth, & beyond.

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